Recital 2021
Our End of Year Recital will be Saturday, June 5th at the Durham Convention Center in Downtown Durham.
All Recreational classes will perform in two shows - the first at 10:30am and the second at 2:00pm.
Company dancers will perform in the Company Show at 5:30pm.
All Dress Rehearsals will be held on Friday, June 4th at the Durham Convention Center beginning at 5:30pm.

All families need to complete the Recital Order Form by Friday, May 28th.

The Family Recital Fee includes 2 tickets. Please specify on the Recital Order Form which show you would like to use those tickets for. You can also purchase additional tickets for $15 each on the Recital Order Form.

*Dancers and children who are able to sit in an adult's lap for the entire show do not need their own ticket*

You can also purchase Recital T-Shirts, Program Ads, or Flower Bouquets on the Recital Order Form!

If you are not a current family and would like to purchase tickets, you may do so at the door for cash only.

We are livestreaming our Recitals through our FaceBook page!

Be sure to 'Like' our page to optimize viewing

Recital Day Performer Instructions

  • Dancers may begin signing into the dressing rooms 45 minutes prior to show start time.

  • Dancers must be signed in no later than 30 minutes prior to show start time.

  • Please arrive with your dancer in their first costume with hair and makeup fixed.

  • Sign your dancer into their assigned dressing room. You will leave your dancer and all their costumes with our staff and volunteers. Our staff and volunteers will help them change costumes between dances.

  • Please send one adult to sign out your dancer at the end of the show!

  • *Please label all shoes individually. Please also put each costume in a separate labeled bag.*

  • *Please take your dancer to the bathroom and feed them a snack before checking into the dressing room.*

  • Dancers will not have to wear masks on stage.  However, dancers who are not fully vaccinated will still be asked to wear masks in the dressing rooms, backstage, etc.  In the case that your dancer wears a mask on stage, please either provide a solid black one to wear, or we will provide one for him/her to wear.

Recital Day Audience Instructions

  • Seating will open 30 minutes prior to show start time.

  • Video taping at Recital is not allowed. Professional videos will be given to each family, and a link to a livestream of the show will be provided in advance.

  • Flash photography is not allowed at any time dancers are performing. Use of flash is unsafe and distracting to the dancers. Non-flash photography is allowed.

  • Please respect all dancers by only entering and exiting the auditorium between dances.

  • Seating is general admission. Saving seats in advance is not allowed.

  • Attendees who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear a mask.

Dress Rehearsal Information

  • Dress Rehearsals will take place at the Durham Convention Center on Friday, June 4th. 

  • Your dancer should be checked into the dressing room in their first costume with hair and makeup fixed by their class's dress rehearsal time. At this time, you will receive your free tickets and any additional tickets that you pre-purchased.

  • Click the icon for your class's specific drop-off/pick-up times.

  • *Please label all shoes individually. Please also put each costume in a separate labeled bag.*

  • *Please send your dancer with a water bottle, and if you think they will need one, a light non-messy snack*

  • *DO NOT pack electronic devices. Dancers will not be allowed to use them in the dressing room. If your dancer as a phone, it must remain packed away in their bag*

We will be taking professional group and individual pictures during Dress Rehearsal!

An online gallery will then be available for you to view all pictures and make choices about purchasing.

If you want any additional individual pictures of your dancer (ie- with a sister or friend), you may come in with them after your scheduled check-out time listed in the email from Mrs Lauren B.  In order to do so, we ask that you please RSVP using the following link:

The Different Recitals!

We will have three recitals this year! All Recreational Classes will perform in BOTH the 10:30am show AND the 2:00pm show. This allows us to maintain a safe capacity in the auditorium and still accommodate everyone who wants to see these wonderful dancers perform!


Friday, June 4th

5:30pm– Dress Rehearsal (please click the icon for your specific class's times)

Saturday, June 5th

9:45-10:00am - Dancers arrive

10:00am - House opens for audience seating

10:30am - First Show Begins!

12:00pm - approx end time

1:15-1:30pm - Dancers check back into dressing rooms

1:30pm - House open for audience seating

2:00pm - Second Show Begins!

3:30pm - approx end time

4:45-5:00pm - Company Dancers arrive

5:00pm - House opens for audience seating

5:30pm - Company Show Begins!

Recreational Classes that will perform in both shows:

Ages 2&3 Intro to Dance on Thursdays 10:30am (10:30am Show ONLY)

Ages 3&4 Ballet&Tap on Tuesdays 5:15pm

Ages 3&4 Ballet&Tap on Thursdays 11:15am

Ages 3&4 Ballet&Tap on Thursdays 4:15pm

Ages 4-6 Ballet&Tap on Saturdays 10:00am

Ages 5&6 Ballet&Tap on Wednesdays 5:45pm

Ages 5-7 Ballet&Tap&Jazz on Thursdays 4:00pm

Ages 7-10 Lyrical on Mondays 4:00pm

Ages 7-10 Ballet&Tap on Tuesdays 5:15pm

Ages 7-10 Acro on Wednesdays 4:15pm

Ages 7-10 Hip Hop on Wednesdays 5:00pm

Ages 7-10 Jazz on Thursdays 5:15pm

Boys Only Hip Hop on Thursdays 4:30pm

Ages 9-13 Hip Hop on Wednesdays 6:15pm

Ages 11&up Tap on Tuesdays 6:30pm

Ages 11&up Jazz on Tuesdays 7:15pm

Ages 11&up Acro on Wednesdays 5:15pm

Ages 11&up (and Collective) Ballet on Thursdays 6:45pm

Adult Tap on Tuesdays 6:45pm

Adult Ballet/Jazz on Tuesdays 7:30pm

Company Dances in the Company Show

All Teeny Company dances

All Tiny/PreTeen/Mini Company dances

All Collective dances (including Ages 11&up Ballet)

All Junior/Teen/Senior Company dances

All Specialty dances

All Solos and Duets