Our End of Year Recital will be Friday evening, May 31st, and Saturday,
June 1st at Orange High School.
Company Recital is Friday, May 31st at 6:30pm with the solo, duet, trio pre-show beginning at 5:30pm.
Saturday, June, 1st Recitals are at 1:00pm, 4:00pm, and 6:30pm. See below for a listing of which classes are dancing in each Recital.

Tickets will go on sale at the studio on Monday, May 13th for $15 each! 

Any remaining tickets will be sold at the door at Recital.

Tickets sales are first come, first served.

The Family Recital Fee includes 4 tickets. Those tickets and any additional tickets pre-ordered on the Recital Order Form will be available for pickup as part of the Recital Packet on Monday, May 13th.

Children under 5 years old who will not need their own seats do not need to purchase a ticket.

TTP Dancers may use their name badges as their tickets if they wish to attend other Recital times.

Recital Day Performer Instructions

Dancers may begin signing into the dressing rooms 45 minutes prior to show start time.

Dancers must be signed in no later than 15 minutes prior to show start time.

Please arrive with your dancer in their first costume with hair and makeup fixed.

Sign your dancer into their assigned dressing room. You will leave your dancer and all their costumes with our staff. Our staff will help them change costumes between dances.

Please send one adult to sign out your dancer after the Finale!

*Please label all shoes individually. Please also put each costume in a separate labeled bag.*

*Please take your dancer to the bathroom and feed them a snack before checking into the dressing room.*

*Please send your dancer with a water bottle. No other food or drink is allowed.*

Recital Day Audience Instructions

Seating will open 30 minutes prior to show start time.

Video taping at Recital is not allowed. Professional videos will be given to each family.

Flash photography is not allowed at any time dancers are performing. Use of flash is unsafe and distracting to the dancers. Non-flash photography is allowed.

Please respect all dancers by only entering and exiting the auditorium between dances.

Seating is general admission. Saving seats in advance is not allowed.

Dress Rehearsal Information!

Dress Rehearsals will take place at Orange High School on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 28th and 29th. They will begin at 4:45pm. Your dancer should be checked into the dressing room in their first costume with hair and makeup fixed by their class's dress rehearsal time. Dressing rooms will open at 4:15, but your dancer is not needed until their assigned time. Your dancer’s class received their assigned Dress Rehearsal day and time along with other information about Dress Rehearsals during Parent Observation Week. Parent Observation Week was March 23rd-28th. 

Classes in each Recital!


We will have four recitals this year! See below for Recital times and in which show each class will be performing. We have several combo and intro classes, so make sure you are looking for your dancer’s class name, day, and time.


Friday, May 31st

5:30pm– Company Solo & Duet Preshow

6:30pm– Company Recital plus Adult Jazz, Adult Tap 1, Adult Tap 2


Saturday, June 1st at 1:00pm

Ages 2&3 Intro to Dance, Tuesday at 5:00pm

Ages 3&4 Combo, Tuesday at 4:15pm

Ages 3&4 Combo, Tuesday at 5:45pm

Ages 3&4 Acro, Tuesday at 5:15pm

Ages 3&4 Combo, Thursday at 4:15pm

Ages 3&4 Combo, Thursday at 5:30pm

Ages 3&4 Acro, Thursday at 5:00pm

Ages 5&6 Combo, Monday at 5:45pm

Ages 5&6 Musical Theater, Monday at 4:00pm

Ages 5&6 Hip Hop, Monday at 4:30pm

Ages 5&6 Acro, Monday at 5:00pm

Ages 5& 6 Acro, Tuesday at 5:15pm

Ages 5&6 Tap, Tuesday at 5:45pm

Ages 5&6 Ballet, Tuesday at 6:15pm

Ages 5&6 Ballet, Thursday at 4:30pm

Ages 5&6 Tap, Thursday at 5:00pm

Ages 5&6 Jazz, Thursday at 5:30pm


Saturday, June 1st at 4:00pm

Ages 2&3 Intro to Dance, Monday at 5:15pm 

Ages 2&3 Intro to Dance, Wednesday at 9:00am

Ages 4-6 Combo, Thursday at 1:45pm

Ages 3&4 Combo, Wednesday at 9:30am

Ages 3&4 Acro, Wednesday at 10:15am

Ages 3-6 Acro, Thursday at 1:15pm

Ages 5&6 Combo, Tuesday at 4:15pm

Ages 4-6 Combo, Saturday at 9:30am

Ages 7&8 Tap, Monday at 4:00pm

Ages 7&8 Ballet, Monday at 4:30pm

Ages 7&8 Musical Theater, Tuesday at 4:45pm

Ages 7&8 Ballet, Tuesday at 5:15pm

Ages 7&8 Jazz, Tuesday at 6:00pm

Ages 7&8 Acro, Wednesday at 5:15pm

Ages 7&8 Lyrical, Wednesday at 6:00pm

Ages 7&8 Hip Hop, Wednesday at 6:45pm


Saturday, June 1st at 6:30pm

Level 1 Ballet, Tuesday at 4:30pm

Level 1 Jazz, Tuesday at 5:15pm

Level 1 Jazz, Tuesday at 7:00pm

Level 1 Tap, Tuesday at 6:15pm

Level 1 Lyrical, Wednesday at 5:15pm

Level 1 Hip Hop, Thursday at 5:15pm

Level 1 Musical Theater, Thursday at 6:00pm

Level 1&2 Hip Hop, Thursday at 7:00pm

Acro 1, Wednesday at 4:30pm

Acro 2&3, Thursday at 6:45pm

Acro 4, Wednesday at 8:00pm

Level 2&3 Ballet, Monday at 7:00pm

Level 2&3 Tap, Wednesday at 7:15pm

Level 2&3 Lyrical, Tuesday at 7:45pm

Adult Hip Hop, Thursday at 6:45pm

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