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Together, Tenacious, Proud

Our goal for Company is to help shape our dancers into exemplary young people leaders in their communities. We do this by instilling values such as hard work, discipline, dedication, commitment, and teamwork into all of our Company dancers. These values are integral to the success of our program both inside and outside of the studio, from not only our students but also our staff and parents.


Our program offers options for dancers from kindergarten to senior year of high school, and for different levels of commitment and ability. Our dancers compete at local and travel competitions, and participate in in-house and travel conventions. Our companies learn and perfect jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, hip hop, and musical theater dances over the course of the season, and train in ballet, technique, skills, acro, and strength to support their high-level dancing. We also have options for dancers who want to focus on tap only, and a non-competitive option for dancers who want to focus on ballet and pointe training.

We look forward to another amazing season with our dance family!



Auditions for our 2022-2023 season were held May 13-14, 2022.

We still have some available spots.  

For information, please email


Our dancers competed at Revolution Talent Competition in Greensboro, NC the weekend of April 8th-9th, 2022.

1st Overall Winners

Perfect Young Ladies (production)
Dames at Sea (musical theater specialty)
Alive Again (senior lyrical)
Nora's solo
Hallie's solo
Ryin's solo

2nd Overall Winners

Time of the Season (contemporary specialty)

Phoebe and Jordin's duet

3rd Overall Winners

Falling Apart (collective lyrical)
World By Storm (tiny/mini lyrical)

Dancing in the Moonlight (senior jazz)

Blair's solo 

Jordin's solo

Michelle's solo


4th Overall Winners

The Clapping Song (collective jazz)

Love Train (teeny jazz)

Let's Get Loud (tiny/mini/preteen tap)

Go Crazy (junior jazz)

Emilee's solo 

5th Overall Winners

Born Ready (tiny/mini jazz)

Rise and Fall (junior lyrical)

Madeline's solo

Chiara's solo

6th Overall Winners

Hello Dolly (preteen jazz)

Kyra's solo

Katie's solo

7th Overall Winners

That Girl (junior/senior tap)

Finley's solo

Chelsea's solo

8th Overall Winners

Ava's solo

Phoebe's solo

9th Overall Winners

Inevitable (preteen lyrical)

10th Overall Winners

Too Many Fish (teeny tap)

Ella Jane's solo

The Class Act Award was given to the entire studio!

Kyra also won The Queen is Back Award and a PowerPak Scholarship!

Katie, Chiara, Ava, Michelle, Chelsea, Finley, Kyra, Jordin, Phoebe, Ryin, Emilee, and Madeline all also were PowerPak recipients!



Our dancers competed at Groove Dance Competition in High Point, NC the weekend of March 18th-20th.

World By Storm (Tiny/Mini Lyrical) won 1st Overall Intermediate Petite Small Group!

Alive Again (Senior Lyrical) won 1st Overall Competitive Senior Small Group!

Love Train (Teeny Jazz) won 2nd Overall Novice Mini Small Group!

That Girl (Junior/Senior Tap) won 2nd Overall Competitive Teen Small Group!

Dames at Sea (Musical Theater Specialty) won 2nd Over Competitive Teen Large Group!

Too Many Fish In The Sea (Teeny Tap) won 3rd Overall Novice Mini Small Group!

Falling Apart (Collective Lyrical) won 3rd Overall Novice Teen Small Group!

Go Crazy (Junior Jazz) won 3rd Overall Competitive Teen Small Group!

Time of the Season (Contemporary Specialty) won 3rd Overall Competitive Senior Small Group!

The Clapping Song (Collective Jazz) won 4th Overall Novice Teen Small Group!

Dancing in the Moonlight (Senior Jazz) won 6th Overall Competitive Senior Small Group!

Inevitable (PreTeen Lyrical) won 7th Overall Novice Junior Small Group

Rise and Fall (Junior Lyrical) won 7th Overall Competitive Teen Small Group

Time of the Season also won Acro/Ballet/Open IDA Selection

Dames at Sea also won Musical Theater IDA Selection

Alive Again also won People's Choice IDA Selection

Go Crazy also won the Fun To Watch judge's award

Dancing in the Moonlight also won the Entertaining judge's award

Time of the Season also won the Breath of Fresh Air judge's award

Ryin's solo won 1st Overall Competitive Senior Solo!

Blair's solo won 3rd Overall Intermediate Petite Solo!

Katie's solo won 3rd Overall Competitive Teen Solo!

Hallie's solo won 4th Overall Intermediate Petite Solo!

Kinley's solo won 5th Overall Intermediate Petite Solo!

Phoebe and Jordin's duet won 5th Overall Competitive Teen Duet/Trio!

Ella Jane's solo won 8th Overall Novice Junior Solo!

Michelle's solo won 10th Overall Competitive Senior Solo!

Hallie's solo also won the Very Entertaining judge's award

Nora's solo won the Rhinestones to the Max judge's award


We are so proud of all of our dancers!

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